Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What would you like to have this Wednesday?

In 2 hours, I will be meeting a pilot group of iPod armed music-aficionados for a mish-mash of music you decide is cool.

Next Wednesday, Next month, we will do the same, with twice as much spunk, and this is how...

Have artwork in a digital form? Bring it.

Have mp3 players which may or may not be white in colour? Bring it (assuming of course, some cool mp3s come with it).

We will display your digital art on slideshow - all night - on our huge projector screen, and let you plug in your music for everyone. We trust you have taste.

The goodstuff can be found in the everyday joes, right? Art galleries and music critics don't decide what is cool! You do.

So don't be shy. I'm even going to throw my own junk up there, and I don't know how to hold a pencil.


But I'm more interested to see what happens if we chuck Klang Valley's everyday visual expression + music selection into a blender. Will it look and taste good?

This is the plan...

1. Artwork to be submitted by 5th May in 576px X 720px any format. We will burn it into a DVD presentation that will loop.

2. Email the songs you wanna play that night to - bar.laundry at gmail dot com - maximum 10 songs a person. But I'm just saying that to sound structural, so just email me hahah.

3. Email me to talk about other ideas you might have, too.

Let's get some great music + great artwork together, and pray that it'll attract enough people who pay for drinks, so they won't shut down a night like this... *sob*

Who knows, if all goes well, every Wednesday we will have an iPod party cum digital artwork exhibition at Laundry?

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